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High Explosive Pump Agent. Dietary Supplement. Naturally & Artificially Flavored. NEVER BIG ENOUGH. Few Things Scream 'Merica-Or Freedom-Like Crushing A Workout While Wearing A Pair Of American Flag Sweatpants And A Bald Eagle Bandana. Considering That's Your Everyday Workout Attire, That Essentially Makes You A Freedom Fighter, Son. And Freedom Fighters Can't Contribute To The Fight For Freedom With A Couple Of Puny Small Arms – They Need The KABOOM! Big Munitions. Well, Freedom Fighter, Meet Your Best Weapon In The Fight Against Skinny Arms. Stars 'N Pipes, A Stim-Free Explosive Pump Agent Fit For A Real 'Merica Here. Stars 'N Pipes Is Like Mixing A Couple Hundred Lbs Of TNT With Bruce Willis From Die Hard, Throwing Some Fruit In There, And Putting It All In A Powder. Yeah...It's That Good.

Stars 'N Pipes - Freedom

SKU: 6590018
  • Mix 1 Scoop With 10-16 Ounces Of Water And Consume Approximately 15-30 Minutes Prior To Your Workout.

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