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Sugar-Free. 200mg Caffeine. At This Point There Are More Bikinis Than Grains Of Sand On The Beach And You're Rolling Around In Bright Neon Board Shorts, A Hawaiian Shirt, And A Captain's Hat You Stole From A One-Eyed Old Guy In A Bar Last Night. In Other Words: It's Spring Break on Daytona Beach and Life Is Good, Real Good. As Your Friend Badger Rides Into The Sunset On A Random Tricycle You Found, A Majestic Drink Is Placed In Your Hand. You Make A Sip And Realize That This, This Is A Daytona Beach: A Refreshing And Surprising Mix Of Pineapple And Mango That Doesn't Quit.

Red, White & Boom - Daytona Beach

SKU: 1620013
  • Not Recommended For Children, Pregnant or Nursing Women and Persons Sensitive to Caffeine.

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