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Sugar-Free. 200mg Caffeine. The Sights. The Sounds. The Time You Asked Carry-Anne Out and Threw Up on Your Shoes Because You Ate Way To Many Funnel Cakes and Rode the Whirly Bird 18 Times in a Row. Yes, We Are Talking About The Country Fair: A Rite Of Passage For Millions In This Great Land Of Ours. Well, What If We Told You We Took All Of That-Yes, All Of It - And Slapped It In A Can? Minus, Of Course, The Taste And Smell Of The Petting Zoo And The Odd Gaze Of That One Carnival Worker On The Ferris Wheel. What Would That Taste Like, You Ask? Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy, Of Course.

Red, White & Boom - Country Fair

SKU: 1620012
  • Not Recommended For Children, Pregnant or Nursing Women and Persons Sensitive to Caffeine.

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