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LIMITED EDITION. Spooky Season Selection. Zero Sugar. 0 Calories. Zero Dyes. Electrolytes. BCAA Aminos. Each Can Is Not A Vibe It's An Experience. Perform With RAZE. Focus, BCAA's, Energy, Electrolytes, Hydration. Franken Sour Is Our First Sour Flavor Since The Original Sour Gummy Worms And We Wanted To Do It Big This Time. This Flavor Is Seriously Sour And A Monster Combination Of Flavors. Don't Say We Didn't Warn You! Scaring The Energy Drink Market!

Raze Energy - Frankensour

SKU: 9450519
  • Consume one can (16 fl oz) of Raze Energy 20-30 minutes before conquering your exercise and/or life.