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With Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate. Gluten Free. Zero Sugar. Fat Free. 25g Protein. Non-GMO. Replenish Muscle Strength. Stamina. Intensity. Recover Fast. Grow. Why Isolate? Many athletes consider isolate to be the premium grade of protein because it has the highest level of purity. In fact, isolates are named for "isolating" protein. This means you get a higher percentage of protein and fewer fats, calories, carbs, and sugars. When consuming an isolate protein, you enjoy the benefits of faster absorption and higher digestibility. That helps you achieve your goals faster. Cold Process Micro Filtration, Highest Levels Of Purity: Cross Flow Microfiltration (CFM) preserves the bioactive subfractions that make whey unique without damaging or denaturing the proteins. The result is a very pure isolate that retains its natural bioactive properties. Fastest Absorbing Whey Protein: Whey isolates are extremely fast absorbing which can help speed your recovery and enhance performance. High Protein, No Excess Calories: ISO Optima contains no excess calories. It's easy to digest, low in carbs, and free of fat, lactose, and sugar. This is an excellent way to get protein on a low-calorie diet. Highest Quality Whey Protein Isolate. Cold Processed Micro Filtered To Ensure Protein Integrity. 25g of protein per serving. Zero sugar, no lactose. 5.7g BCAAs per serving. Complete amino acid profile. No artificial colors or dyes. No unnecessary ingredients.

ISO Optima - Chocolate Ice Cream Swirl

SKU: 6150129
  • For a rich and satisfying shake, mix with 5-6 oz of water (or milk). Casual (Everyday Activities): 1 Scoop. Lifestyler (Works Out Weekly): 2-3 Scoops. Athlete (Intense Training): 3-4 Scoops.